Jun 02

Samsung Chromebook Series 5

Wanted Gadgets Comments Off on Samsung Chromebook Series 5
Samsung Chromebook Series 5 with 3G
Google’s first production laptop, Samsung’s Chromebook Series 5, is being sold through Gilt.com to early adopters. The choice of vendors is rather curious. The specs of the Chromebook clearly put it in the netbook category. It stands out by it’s SSD HDD, only a meager 16GB HDD, dual core Atom processor and fast boot time, promised to be less then 8 seconds.
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Mar 23

Flip Ultra

Wanted Gadgets Comments Off on Flip Ultra

The Flip camcorder is about as far from a pro camera as Mario is from an actual plumber. But in his (mostly fawning) review of the latest version, David Pogue drops a tiny bomb of a factoid: It has snagged a whopping 13 percent of the camcorder market. Are there untold armies of soccer moms running around with the Flip? Or is its super simple operation (and functionality) a quiet gadget revolution?


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