Jun 01

Memorial Day 2011

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DSC_0287.resizedDewey Beach trip on Memorial Day weekend. More Pictures.
May 24

Islandic Volcano Grímsvötn Disrupts European Airspace

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Volcanic Ash Concentration (24MAY2011) The Islandic volcano Grímsvötn has erupted and is disrupting European air traffic. In a similar eruption in April 2010, ash from Eyjafjallajökull volcano cause 95,000 flights to be cancelled. Grímsvötn is expected to seize erupting this weekend, so far only 600 flights have been affected. Modelled and measured volcanic ash concentration after the break.
SOURCE: Met Office

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Feb 12

Online Travel Guides

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Although it uses a wiki model to create the guide and to deliver it on the World Wide Web, Wikitravel content is also used in printed guides published by Wikitravel Press. Wikitravel is built through collaboration of Wikitravellers from around the globe. Articles can cover any level of geographic specificity, from continents to districts of a city. These are logically connected in a hierarchy, by specifying that the location covered in one article “is in” the larger location described by another. The project also includes articles on travel-related topics, phrasebooks for travelers, and suggested itineraries.

Wikitravel is a multilingual project available in 18 languages, with each language-specific project developed independently.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Publications (usually known as Lonely Planet or LP) claims to be the largest independently-owned travel guidebook publisher in the world. It was the first popular series of travel books aimed at backpackers and other low-cost travelers. As of 2004, it published about 650 titles in 118 countries with annual sales of more than six million guidebooks.

Lonely Planet also has a television production company (Lonely Planet Television), which has produced and developed four series: Lonely Planet Six Degrees, The Sport Traveller, Going Bush and Vintage New Zealand. Another, Bluelist Australia, is on its way. Lonely Planet is headquartered in Footscray, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.


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